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Symphony No 1 in C major
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Various works
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In these Terms and Conditions 'we', 'us' and 'our' means Disc Ltd trading as Jane Delawney; 'you' and 'your' means any person, individual, or employee, representative or officer of a corporate or non-corporate body, any person acting on behalf of a third-party, visiting, accessing or using any part of our web site, any person using, commissioning or causing to be used any automated process with the capability or purpose of downloading, viewing or retrieving any data from our web site; 'buyer' and 'buyers' means you or any person, business or other entity placing an order or making a purchase on our web site.
These are the Terms and Conditions of business of Disc Ltd trading as Jane Delawney. By using or accessing our web site, or placing an order on the site you acknowledge that you have read, fully understood and agreed to all the Terms and Conditions published on this page. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions you may not access or use any part of our web site other than this page.

Headings and titles herein are included for clarity only and shall not be regarded in construing these Terms and Conditions.
We reserve the right to withdraw any item from sale, refuse to sell any item to any buyer, or refuse to accept any order from any buyer, at any time without explanation. All orders must be placed using our web site. We cannot accept orders by telephone, email, text message, or other messaging service.
Web site
Our web site is provided on an as-is and as available basis. We make no warranty as to the availability or up-time of the web site at any time. We reserve the right to take any or all sections of the web site off-line at any time for upgrade, maintenance, or for any other reason without notice. You may not use our web site for any unlawful or otherwise prohibited purpose. We may collect and use information that you supply to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using or accessing our web site you agree to our use of this information.

You may not attempt to use or access any part of our web site by any automated means or using any method or mechanism that imposes a higher than normal load on our systems or those of our suppliers. You may not copy, re-use, decode or reverse engineer any of the software, computer code, databases, designs or intellectual property that comprises our web site. We make no warranty that data contained in our catalogues or databases and displayed on our web site from time to time is correct, complete, accurate or without errors. You may not rely on the accuracy of this data.
Unless otherwise stated, all products and goods listed for sale on our web site are second-hand, previously used items. All items are genuine original product. We do not sell counterfeit or pirate copies, or bootleg items. All products and goods listed are normally one-off and offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and therefore we can offer no guarantee as to the availability of any item at any time. Recorded media items will be graded as stated in the item listing. All gradings will be visual unless otherwise stated. Where an item has a 'play-grade' shown this usually means that we have played short test passages from the item in order to more accurately grade it. It does not mean that we have listened to, or checked the whole item unless this is clearly stated.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices on our web site are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). All transactions and charges will be in Pounds Sterling. We may also show equivalent prices in alternative currencies at prevailing rates where available but this data is for information only and you may NOT rely on these rates as definitive conversion rates as we have no control over rates your bank or card issuer may use.
Promotional and discount codes
From time to time we may make promotional offers and discounts available to buyers. These may be restricted to certain buyers or classes of buyer, or made available to all buyers. Any discount offered will be applied only to the list price of item(s) in your order, not to the shipping or packaging charges. We reserve the right to cancel, disallow, withdraw or discontinue any discount or promotional offer at any time without notice. Promotional and discount codes can not be used in conjuction with any other reduced price offer.
We accept payment through WorldPay using most major credit and debit cards. For orders with a total value exceeding £25.00 GBP we also accept payment by Postal Orders, Money Orders and Cheques in Pounds sterling (GBP), US dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). For orders over £100.00 GBP you can also pay by Bank Transfer, however, if you pay by this method YOU MUST PAY both the sender's and recipient's bank fees at the time you make the transfer. For orders with a total value exceeding £250.00 GBP we ONLY accept payment by bank transfer, cheque, Postal Order or money order.

If you use any payment method other than credit or debit card the items in your order will be reserved for you until we receive payment, or for ten days whichever is the longer. If we do not receive payment within ten days of your order being placed the order will be automatically cancelled and the items relisted for sale. In the event of non-payment we reserve the right to block you from making further purchases on our web site.

In order to minimise shipping costs you may ask us to to combine orders, however we must still receive payment for each individual order within the ten day period as stated above unless otherwise agreed in writing. All consignments are normally despatched within five working days (excluding weekends and UK statutory holidays) from receipt of cleared funds.

If you pay by cheque and your cheque is not honoured by your bank, or 'bounced', we will reclaim from you ALL fees charged to us by our bank for re-presenting your cheque or returning the unpaid cheque to us.
You are responsible for paying all shipping and packaging charges as detailed on our order form. All orders are shipped via Royal Mail or using other major carriers. All orders over £24.99 in value will be shipped using a signed and/or tracked service. International consignments are subject to the Royal Mail maximum Air Mail weight limit of 2kg and so those shipments exceeding 2kg MUST be split into more than one package and will be charged accordingly. Consignments to UK addresses are not subject to this weight restriction. Consignments with a total value exceeding £100.00 may also be split where possible to minimise the risk of loss or damage in transit. We reserve the right to split any consignment and ship items in more than one package as necessary, although items such as boxed sets will not be split between packages.

If you need an item urgently (for example, as a present for a special or seasonal occasion) you MUST let us know well in advance so that we can despatch the item at the earliest opportunity subject to us having received cleared funds.

If your goods are undeliverable for any reason and are returned to us, we reserve the right to reclaim from you any associated costs including but not limited to any taxes or duties payable on re-importation which we may have to pay.

All items are shipped in top quality industry standard packaging with additional stiffening as required to ensure the items reach you in perfect condition. To avoid seam splits in transit, LP records (albums) are normally removed from both the original sleeve and inner and shipped in a separate inner and outer sleeve. To care for the environment we may use old but perfectly serviceable inners and outers for this purpose and you can reuse or recycle these on receipt.
Customs fees, import duties and taxes
Importing goods to your country can mean that your national Customs or Tax authorities may charge you Customs Duty and/or other additional related taxes (for example a Value Added Tax or a Purchase Tax). YOU, as the importer, are solely responsible for paying any such duties and taxes. We have no control over what duties or taxes you may be charged by your own national authorities and we will not compensate you for the payment of any such duties or taxes. If you do not know how much (if any) duty or import tax you might have to pay, please check with your local tax authorities BEFORE placing an order for any item.

Some countries prohibit or restrict the importation of some types of goods. You may need a general or special license and/or other documents to import goods. It is your responsibility to check with your national Customs authorities whether the goods you intend to import are subject to any such restrictions and to obtain any necessary documentation or license. If your goods are retained or confiscated by your own national Customs authorities for any reason, it is your sole responsibility to negotiate with them the terms on which such goods might be released to you.

For international shipments please allow sufficient time for Customs clearance within your country before reporting an item to us as not delivered. If your order does not arrive within 21 days of despatch you MUST check with your local postal delivery service or carrier agency as to whether they are holding the consignment for you.

If the consignment could not be delivered because the addressee was not available to take delivery, it is your sole responsibility to either arrange and if necessary pay any charge for re-delivery, or collect the package(s) from the carrier's premises. In the event of any claim for non-delivery we reserve the right to make our own enquiries with the carrier before offering any refund. We always liase, and co-operate fully, with local law enforcement agencies, postal and carrier services in suspected cases of fraud or theft.

If the addressee refuses to accept delivery and the consignment is returned to us we will contact you and will levy an administration charge of a minimum of £5.00 which you must pay in addition to the cost of the re-delivery before we will despatch the consignment for re-delivery.
Returns and refunds
We offer a full no-quibble refund on any item we sell and under the UK Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 you have the right to cancel the purchase of any item within 14 days from the day you receive the item. You must notify us by email of your wish to cancel the purchase within this 14 day period. You then have a further 14 days to return the item to us at your expense. When we receive the returned item it must be in the condition as originally supplied and in perfect resellable condition. If we do not receive the item in this condition we will deduct a relevant amount from any refund offered to cover the depreciation in value of the item. It is your responsibility to pack the item sufficiently well to prevent any damage in transit. Recorded media supplied to you in shrink-wrap or other sealed packaging MUST still be sealed to be eligible for return or refund. If the shrink-wrap is missing, broken or otherwise damaged we will NOT accept the item as a return. If you are returning an item as faulty we will pay the cost of the return postage using a carrier and shipping method of our choice.

If you are a buyer purchasing an item or items as a business or by way of trade you MUST include your business, company or trading name on our order form. As a business you do not have the same legal rights as a consumer and we reserve the right to refuse the return of any item we believe to have been purchased by way of trade.
You may communicate with us using the details on our 'Contact Us' page. All communications must be in the English language.
Robots, crawlers, spiders and automated access
You MAY NOT use, commission, or permit any robot, crawler, spider or other form of automated access process to view, retrieve or download data from any part of our web site without our prior written consent. You accept that we may record and store in industry standard access log files data that will identify the IP address of the computer you use to access this site and that we may aggregate and archive this data for a period of up to seven years. These log files and archives will not be in the public domain.

If we detect or have cause to believe that for whatever reason you have used, commissioned or permitted to be used any automated process to access any part of this web site without our express written consent you hereby agree to pay us the sum of one thousand US dollars excluding taxes for each instance of unauthorised access. For clarity 'instance of unauthorised access' shall mean one individual line recorded in our access log files as an attempt whether successful or not to download any data from this site and recorded in our access log files as originating from an IP address we believe is linked to or used by you, your business, company, organisation or third party commissioned, instructed or authorised by you. In the event that any automated process used by you, or on your behalf, or commissioned or permitted by you circumvents any provision we have in place to protect our site from unauthorised automated access, or makes any attempt whatever to disguise the true source of your data access request including but not limited to IP spoofing, the use of multiple IP adddresses, the use of multiple User Agents, you further agree that the amount you will pay us will be increased to two thousand US dollars excluding taxes for each instance of unauthorised access.

In the event that we detect any unauthorised automated access by you or on your behalf we reserve the right to retrieve and aggregate all relevant data recorded in our access log archive during the previous seven years to allow us charge you the relevant fees for all such accesses which we may deem to be in contravention of these terms and conditions.
Limitation of liability
Our aggregate liability to you under these terms and conditions shall be limited to the total amount paid by you for the goods or products ordered from our web site together with any charges paid by you for shipping and packaging, or five hundred Pounds Sterling (GBP) whichever is the lower. Any such liability shall specifically but not exclusively exclude any and all claims for consequential loss, loss of profits and loss of goodwill.
Property and title
Property and title in all items supplied by us to you shall remain with us until such time as cleared funds in full payment for these items have been received by our bank.
Law and jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and subject to the laws of England and Wales.

Any dispute or claim arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. You hereby agree that should you elect to bring any action against us under any other jurisdiction, you will be solely responsible for covering any and all costs (including but not limited to legal fees) that we may accrue in our defence of such dispute or claim.
We may revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. The document published on this web page shall be the current version of these Terms and Conditions.

If any clause, sub-clause or provision herein is or should become invalid or non-binding by statute or act of law such clause, sub-clause or provision will hereby be deemed to be omitted.

Failure to enforce any clause, sub-clause or provision herein shall not be construed as a waiver of such clause, sub-clause or provision or of our right to enforce such clause, sub-clause or provision at any time.

You hereby agree to indemnify us, our agents, our suppliers and assigns and agree that you will not bring any action against us including but not limited to class actions regardless of any and all liability, suits, claims, costs, losses, court costs and legal fees that may result from any and all any infractions (or claimed infractions) of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, including any actions by third party entities. You agree to hold us harmless in all regards, including our lawful successors, assigns, and any third party partners, against any claims and actions.
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